Ariete 1389 Espresso machine 0.9L Blu. Bianco (1000033111)

Ariete 1389 Espresso machine 0.9L Blu. Bianco (1000033111)
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October 4, 2019
Ariete 1389 Espresso machine 0.9L Blu. Bianco (1000033111)
La Pavoni Professional PLH
October 4, 2019
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Ariete 1389 Espresso machine 0.9L Blu. Bianco (1000033111)


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A beauty in the kitchen is the Retro Espresso Machine in Vintage Sky Blue by the Italian brand Ariete. This nice retro espresso machine makes espresso and coffee ready by using ground coffee or pads. In addition, choose to make a maxi capuccino and top off the coffee with a perfect layer of foam.Makes Espresso, Coffee and Maxi CapuccinoNice to see is 1, but it is of course that nice cup of coffee and the Ariete Espresso Machine gives you several options. Choose from making a nice espresso, coffee or maxi capuccino and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. To make an espresso, the machine uses ground coffee and can choose to fill a maximum of 2 cups at a time. In addition to the use of ground coffee, pads can also be used to fill the presser and to enter the morning, afternoon or evening!Steam nozzle for the perfect foam layerThe handy rack at the top of the machine gives you the option to place several espresso cups. Grab such a cup and make the most beautiful hearts in the perfect foam layer with the steam nozzle. A good capuccino is of course not complete without a good head. The steam nozzle works easily and gives you that foam mustache to be jealous.Well maintainedThe espresso machine can be easily disassembled so that the various parts are easy to clean and the maintenance is minimized. Make sure that the different parts are regularly rinsed clean and you will be able to enjoy your espresso machine for many years to come.A feast for the eyes and the stomachThe Ariete Espresso Machine comes in a beautiful retro design, with an analogue thermometer and a vintage blue and cream color with stainless steel elements. This special espresso machine is not only pleasing to the eye, but will give you the tastiest cups of coffee to enjoy for a long time.

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